Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 7500 Unbiased Review

The innovative Vitamix 7500 belongs to the most recent additions to the lineup of the Vitamix. Building upon the new technology and quality of their previous blenders, Vitamix designed the Vitamix 7500 addressing a couple of issues that the Vitamix 5200 owners complained about. The most essential discrepancy with 7500 is lower-profile, redesigned 64 Oz container. The whole set – together with the container – is just 17.5″ tall, three inches shorter than its older counterpart – 5200. This makes it much easier to fit your kitchen cabinet. Besides, Vitamix has improved the sound dampening in the newest blenders, thus, the last model is about 40% quieter than older ones.



The 7500 measures up slightly different from the other Vitamix line models. It is much shorter – just 17.5″ tall, deeper – 9.4″ deep and wider – 7.7″ wide. Moreover, the Vitamix 7500 is heavier than previous models (about 12.5 lbs), probably due to a more powerful motor. Just like other models, it is equipped with a 6-foot cord that can be compactly stored beneath the motor base that is available in three colors, including black, red and white. Together with the Vitamix 7500 you will get a Simply Fresh cookbook that contains thousands of tasty recipes, a Getting Started guide, a tamper created to fit shorter, new container and DVD with introductory recipes and techniques, which will make you familiar with the innovative blender. The first vivid difference about the Vitamix 7500 you will notice is a lower-profile, redesigned 64 oz container. It is made of BPA-free polycarbonate, just like previous models. However, it has been fully redone to make it shorter and wider, in order to fit under the vast majority of average kitchen cabinets.

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The lid of the Vitamix 7500 resembles a similar Vitamix version of easy-off two-part vented lids. This fitted lid protects snugly for the container to warn leaks and contains a removable twist-off plug which makes it possible to add extra components without making extra mess. All this can be done while the motor is running. Although the container has been redesigned, a tamper will be still necessary when blending thicker mixtures, helping to push the ingredients into the blades without air pockets formed at higher speeds. In addition to all the conveniences of a new blender, the increased width will help with chopping components as a larger base provides a better contact of the ingredients with the blade. Besides, this feature significantly eases the cleaning of the machine. You will discover that the majority of kitchen spatulas can be used for much easier scraping of the ingredients inside the container.

The Motor

The Vitamix 7500 motor has been successfully upgraded so that extra power was added if compared with previous Vitamix models. The motor of the blender is capable of 2.2-peak horsepower at 12 amps. Such an increase in horsepower presupposes a faster achievement of top speed equal to 270 miles per hour, making the ingredients be broken down more quickly. Much effort has been contributed to allow the newer Vitamix blender version to run more quietly. As a result, the Vitamix 7500 is about 40% quieter than its older Vitamix model. The machine makes presumably 7 decibels less noise working at high speeds. Once you’ve used an older Vitamix, you will definitely tell the difference. In case the noise level was the only factor holding you back from buying a Vitamix, this new model will be a pleasant music to your ear.

The Controls

In addition to the already mentioned changes, some minor, but surely noticeable improvements have been made to the new Vitamix 7500 controls. The model still preserves the well-known switch and dial configuration, though the highly variable toggle has been changed by a pulse toggle. This adjustment gives you an opportunity to pulse the blend faster at any speed for extra power. Besides, you will find this feature very useful during vegetable chopping and salad making. The day of twisting the dial and flipping the switch off and on are gone forever.

Our Conclusion

The increased power of the Vitamix 7500 from the ultimately new, quiet running motor and a lower-profile, redesigned container make a striking upgrade to the lineup of the Vitamix. Once you’re serious about cooking food and wish only the best for your family, this blender is worth your attention and money. Besides, the Vitamix 7500 is guaranteed to last you many years.