Refurbished Vitamix Blender Buying Guide

Opting for a Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender

Vitamix is the top blender on the modern market, so far. The item serves an incredible addition to any professional restaurant and household kitchen due to its impressive performance and extended warranty. Retail Vitamix price ranges from $440 up to $550 – which is pretty expensive. However, if you are not going to pay over $400 for a new blender, you can select refurbished Vitamix as another beneficial option.

Vitamix Features that Make It the Best Choice

Vitamix company has been known as a leading US company to produce quality blenders and provide jobs for over 20 years. They are an appreciated house hold name, mainly for the excellent quality and durable warranty (7 years).

The blender features a 2-horsepower motor that can break down the tiniest components, such as flaxseed. Besides, it is powerful enough to crush the toughest ingredients, such as ice. This humming 2-horsepower motor can also generate enough heat to make restaurant level organic soups.

Among other peculiarities that differentiate Vitamix from its competitors is a unique and superior design as well as quality parts. Cheaper Vitamix counterparts are produced from plastic parts that will soon wear down and break. Stainless steel couplings and gears are used in Vitamix making it much more reliable. Due to this fact, the company can provide such a long-lasting warranty period.

Meet Certified Reconditioned Vitamix

Once the machine returns to the processing plant located in Solon, Ohio, it goes through a censorious 17-point checklist. The requirements list covers all the main components of the blender, such as the Blender’s Motor, Control Panel, Blades and Base. Any part of the machine or device that does not meet the standards is automatically sent for recycling. The moment technicians locate the wrong component, it becomes immediately replaced with a completely new part, not a refurbished one.

Having been repaired, the item is sold at a reduced price as a Certified Reconditioned unit, and its warranty is decreased to 5 years. The Vitamix company is sure you will adore your new kitchen device, that is why it offers a 30-day risk-free period.

Additionally, being a customer of Vitamix, you get an access to culinary-inspired recipes, compiled by professional chefs. Besides, you are entitled to employ their unlimited customer support every time you need any help with the item.  

Vitamix guarantees top quality and impressive durability for each single machine, irrespective of its name, price and product series.