Vitamix 750 Review

Unbiased Vitamix 750 Review

The Vitamix lineup includes the professional series 750, and these units offer 5 preprogrammed settings, such as frozen desserts, smoothies, purees and self-cleaning option. Besides, they come with a new and redesigned container that allows consumers to blend more effectively and bring truly professional performance to home kitchens.

Set of Basic Specifications

This blender has similar specifications and dimensions to the Vitamix 7500, including their depth, height and width. It’s equipped with a 6-foot cord that is easy to store underneath its motor base, which is available just in one color or a brushed stainless finish. When buying this device, consumers will get a hardbound and full-color cookbook with interesting recipes offered by gourmet chefs in addition to a DVD tutorial hosted by one of the winners of chef shows.

Its Incredible Container

The Vitamix 750 comes with a low-profile and redesigned, BPA-free and shatterproof container that has an ergonomic and soft-grip handle. It’s also equipped with stainless-steel and laser-cut blades of high quality and includes a vented lid that is spill-proof. This lid has a twist-off plug that can be removed and allows users to add different ingredients and a safe manner while the blender is running.

Its wider and shorter construction means that consumers can store its container and base as a single piece underneath kitchen counters without any issue. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in older blenders because they are too tall for that. Even with this redesigned container users still need a special tamper to blend quite thick substances because this item helps them drive all ingredients into blades and prevents air pockets from forming above them when dealing with high speeds.

Its Durable and Powerful Motor

The motor of the Vitamix 750 is much quieter (up to 40%) than other models designed by this company, and it’s quite powerful (2.2 hp) while being equipped with a thermal protection system and a radial cooling fan. Its increased power means that this blender can reach quite high speeds (about 270 miles per hour) at its full power, but the greatest thing is that this result is achieved without burning out and overloading.

Important Controls

It’s hard to deny that the Vitamix 750 has controls with great improvements because it still includes a well-known dial, switch configuration and a new pulse function while including five different presents, such as purees, smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts and even cleaning. They use feedbacks from a microprocessor and a blade resistance to adjust speeds accordingly.

Our Summary

Overall, the Vitamix 750 is quieter and comes with a more powerful motor, improved controls and redesigned container, which make this blender a great choice for everyone shopping for the best device out there. Its price is a bit higher than that of other models offered by Vitamix, but this device is perfect for high-end kitchens.