Vitamix 7500 vs 750

Many people are still asking the difference between Vitamix 750 and Vitamix 7500. If you are like me, you cannot spot any difference except the model number.

After doing my research more closely, I found that the biggest difference apart from the pulse and variable speeds and constant settings found on the 7500, the 750 has 5 pre-programmed settings including various levels of blending consistency and cleaning. Customers are now noticing these settings even those who were initially skeptical of their real value.

I did my research to see the Vitamix I was going to choose and now I am so happy that I finally settled on the 750. I was not sure how much I would use the presets and now realize the option is just a no-brainer- customer Reviews on The preset features will allow you set them and walk away to get other important tasks done.

Whenever I am preparing a dish or a meal, placing the blender strategically on the counter was very important to make the stove be within arm’s reach to stir a heating pot while pureeing tomatoes.

The buttons give me the flexibility to spread out and relax as I can put in tomatoes, press the puree pre-set and go ahead to focus on the heating sauce. This Vitamix model blender can sense when the puree is complete and can then stop all by itself.

Add this to the kid’s demands while all of this is happening. It is even more important since the chef will not have to stand over the blender to hit ‘stop’ whenever it is needed. As you can see, I am not really a gourmet chef who takes advantage of each and every function. However, the pre-set buttons still have a lot of value.

This can save time for those people who have a lot of things to do in the kitchen at one time. Can anyone relate to this? I myself can relate to it.

This photo is not the image of any of the Vitamix blenders but the real Farberware blender that inspired and motivated me to write this review in the first place. I wanted to give it 15 minutes of fame before its upcoming retirement.

Other differences

You cannot spot out the difference easily just by looking at the two blenders next to each other online. Since it is a ‘Professional Series’ product, Vitamix 750 has a brushed stainless steel.

It also has a chrome trim found on the front side to work together with the extra pre-programmed settings found on the dial. The 7500 comes in black, white and red and has a basic and clean control panel.

Vitamix 750 is usually considered a professional grade blender since it comes with a cookbook which has recipes developed by professional chefs. This is what makes it more professional compared to the 7500 which has its own simple fresh cookbook.